Monday, 26 April 2010

my stichimg bug is om overtime this is very unsual

Monday 26Th i am now doing a small design for my niece Katie she wants a dolphin . there a lot of fractional stitches so using handyed evenweve only my 3 time attempted on evenweve


this will be my next project just for me i love eleohants from cross stich gold

wow two post in a week with more stitching.

Monday25th April:2010

well i can believe this I have done my own design using free charts from the Internet and i think its' turn out amazing going to picture and framed it too. I am so impress as i am three months in front of the deadline/ it is for Katie year four teacher who loves ladybird and ladybug.

cross stitch my own desgin

i used handyed threads and hand matreail its sparkle sort . i got some ides for framming.

heres another picture

cross stitch my own desgin

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

sorry soo long no post but been very busy!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 21st April 2010: I am so sorry its over months since I posted there are many reason /excuse why this as been. My mum and step dad have been away twice in one month so as well as working I have been at mums house cat sitting 3 Siamese cats and one big soft rabbit. Also has the weather has improved my niece Katie has insisted That I take her out to her favourite place which is five minute drive away plus she likes the food its here as we have season tickets for here as a fabulous playground. I have been 3 times this year. I also went to see Nanny mac fee 2 at cinema with mum and Katie it was amazing cant wait till DVD is out.
I have also been very busy with cross stitch working to very close deadlines for my friends birthday on 14th April 2010. I made her cross stitch Lizzie Kate she loves it. I also knit her one of bobble scarfs in jewel green. Katie ask me to her best friend Ella one in teal green she gave to her just before Easter holidays its turns out she was moving so moving schools and she loved it so it was fitting to give to Ella. Has it worked out as leaving present. in between all this I have been working some really funny shifts, I need a Holiday I think not got one till end of June.

this is before ironning and framing i used mainly handyed as listed but used subsite handyed if not in my stash. I realy enjoyed stitching it.
Here is it frame took the photograph on wonky angle so looks better in the flesh.

My current work in progress cross stitch: This one is my own design with help from free patterns from the Internet, I also had the material and hand-dyed threads in my stash so a very cheap project for a change. It is an end of year gift for Katie's teacher ( yes for change very organized it wont last!!!!!!) Katie's year 4 teacher is absolutely mad about ladybirds/ladybugs and collects them on anything scarfs bags clothes etc. So I thought it would be nice to give her cross stitch project with lady bird in it picture below is a work in progress picture.

At the moment I am also mad on reading just not enough hours in the day. My next two planned projects are a small dolphin for madam Katie then my biggest ever project I have attempted three elephants from cross stitch gold or collection ( cant remember which one) but i love elephants.
I stop rambling on now and thanks for reading. please leave comments too, Polly