Saturday, 27 August 2011

Turning over a new ( blog) Leaf and a cross stitch finsh

Saturday 27th August 2011: Its months since I have posted on my blog , I feel quite ashamed of myself however other things just got in the way work going on holiday to Scotland in July ( you can see my Scotland photos there is lots of them )
 and  limited time to spend on the computer.  I am now aiming to post at least twice a month until December.
Busy crafting: while i been neglecting my blog I have been very busy crafting made 3 or 4 scarfs.However my biggest achievement is to finish this language of friendship i designed myself for my mums friend as a very late birthday present  picture below

Now I have to find frame and then give to mums friend along with this i done for her i must say I am ver pleased how it work out and very proud of myself
The language of friendship sampler.

Designed and stitched: by Paula Brick March to August 2011.

This sampler is difference way friendship is written throughout the world.

Vanskap: is Swedish for friendship.
Amizade: is Portuguese for friendship
Cairdeas: is Irish for friendship
Przjazn:  is polish for friendship
La Amistad:  is Spanish for friendship
Friendship: is the English for friendship
Freundschaft: is German for friendship
Cyfeillgarwch: is the Welsh for friendship
Vennskap: is the Norwegian for friendship
Amiciza: is the Italian for friendship
Naptu: is the Sri Lanka for friendship
Amie: is French for friendship

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A very neglect blog a long post and lots of craft finshes

Saturday 2nd July 2011: Well I am ashamed to admit its over two months since I last posted on the blog no excuses really but life and work got in the way. I have been very busy  on the knitting and stitching front.
Number one the scarf from the last post is now finished using Patton's batik wool

My next finishes knitting: I found this wool
it was very difficult to start with but after watching this video    I did get the hang of knitting with this wool and love the effect of an open weave the pictures do not due the scarf justice. I knitted 3 now one green as gift for young lady in mid 20 for my mum in her 60s and my niece Katie aged 10.
The green/blue one scarf below

            below a close up of scarf
THE Purple scarf the colours do not show up well here

A Close up of purple scarf

Cross Stitch WIP:  Lastly For the last few months I have been working on my own design in cross stitch its simple called the langues of friendship its for my mums friends as they been friend for over 40 years. I just got one or two words  to finishes then I am going to add some silote butterflies in hand-dyed thread in purple/pinks.

And Finally:  This month I am taking Holiday in Edinburgh and Oban in Scotland really looking forward to it and been by the sea. I Have lots of stuff to do beforehand and also working right up till the last minute. Therefore I am not sure if I get time to blog before going away

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter some craft finshes and work in progresss

Thursday 21st April   OK it is over two weeks since last post but i been busy getting ready for my sister 40th birthday yesterday April 20th. i stitched a small merekat design and turned into a mouse mat . The sister normals mocks the hobby but she love the gift so one up for cross stitch

next is my knitting a work in progress a scarf for me i am using patons batkik wool its a simple pattern but took some getting use to but i love colurs

it has grown loads since this picture i do another work in progress soon

Friday, 1 April 2011

A post at long last stitching and news

April 1st :   no this not an April fools joke but I updated my blog at last had few hectic weeks work wise.

The 1st picture is one of bookmark for a care worker who is leaving due to NHS cut backs.
The second picture is of freebie Quaker dolphin its lovely shades of blue but does not show up well
The Third picture is of me flying  a bird on very cold February on my birthday it was fun

April Goals:

                                   Knitting: 1) to finish and make up a baby poncho
                                                    2) to start and finish a scarf for me using Paton's batik wool
                                                     3) possible start a baby cardigan or blanket

                                                 craft: 1) to make a few eater cards
                                                            2) to make sister 40th birthday card

                                            Blogging: to post at least once every 2 weeks

Monday, 7 February 2011

my 1st big cross stitch finsh of 2011 and other crafty news

Monday 7th February:   Well on Saturday night I was up until 11pm finishing off my Lizzie Kate design were not gossiping were networking.  It uses the recommend handyed threads , I  have loved doing every single stitch of this design however I do adore most of the Lizzie Kate designs. The finish piece needs to ironed framed then its off to all the ladies who are the doctor receptionist  they all been wonderful while I was ill going above and beyond the call of duty in helping me recovery

Well my next finish is yet another scarf this time as gift for a fellow nurse who works in our occupational health department and has been very supportive too.

talking of the above scarf, on Sunday I went to church in my orange and black one and came away with 4 people wanting to pay to knit them one. looks like I am going to be a busy bee

Saturday, 22 January 2011

1st post and firs knitting and cross stitcht finshes of 2011

January 22nd 2011:  Well its bit late for my first blog post of the year but life been somewhat hectic, it seems to be calming down now. Well i have 1st cross stitch finish its for a friend who got new job on the district after trying for two and half year i just got make into card now.

my next cross project is work in progress of Lizzie Kate were not gossiping I am just loving this design its will be for gift when finished.

My final finish is a knitting one and probably my first craft finish of 2011 its Rico can can scarf in bright burnt orange and black and for once its staying with me i just adore it. it took me about 8 hours to do
 here's a close up of scarf its very long too