Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter some craft finshes and work in progresss

Thursday 21st April   OK it is over two weeks since last post but i been busy getting ready for my sister 40th birthday yesterday April 20th. i stitched a small merekat design and turned into a mouse mat . The sister normals mocks the hobby but she love the gift so one up for cross stitch

next is my knitting a work in progress a scarf for me i am using patons batkik wool its a simple pattern but took some getting use to but i love colurs

it has grown loads since this picture i do another work in progress soon

Friday, 1 April 2011

A post at long last stitching and news

April 1st :   no this not an April fools joke but I updated my blog at last had few hectic weeks work wise.

The 1st picture is one of bookmark for a care worker who is leaving due to NHS cut backs.
The second picture is of freebie Quaker dolphin its lovely shades of blue but does not show up well
The Third picture is of me flying  a bird on very cold February on my birthday it was fun

April Goals:

                                   Knitting: 1) to finish and make up a baby poncho
                                                    2) to start and finish a scarf for me using Paton's batik wool
                                                     3) possible start a baby cardigan or blanket

                                                 craft: 1) to make a few eater cards
                                                            2) to make sister 40th birthday card

                                            Blogging: to post at least once every 2 weeks