Tuesday, 28 December 2010

my cross stitch finshes of 2010/knitting finshes

there not as many as like but not bad considering for 6 months i was limted to cross stitch due to ill health

cross stitich : to finsh lizze kate housewok pattern finshed

my lizze kate christmas freebie  staring march 6th for friends birthday in april  done april 13th
a teacher gifts desging myself with ladybirds starting april 10th 2010 finshed  april 23 needs framming done

dolpin for katie on aida done needs framing june 10still needs framing
two gifts for two small boys done june 1st 

a gift for my male cpn as a thankyou( not started or finshed yet)
girl in blue long term project no start date yet
additional projectshello kitty for friend finshed june 11th
a 65th birthday present for dads girlfriend in august( done

additional projects finshed
born to shop small desgin ( birthday gift) finshed october 2010
dinsouar x2 small desgin birthday gift for boy aged 3 in november one finshed october 20th
free friendship sampler finshed august 2010 ( needs framing)

here a list of my knitting finshes not bad as only been knitting for two years

cream scarf x2 donea tercota scarf done
a sliver turquise scaf done
a pink scarf for kate started 
done feburary
a jewel colur scarf for katies friend started march 1st done april
baby blanket ufo
and to knit a basic pattern started not finshed
Additional knitting projects
rico can can scarf purple finshed october 201
rico another purple scarf
rico can can scarf green x2
rico can scarf pink for katie done
two puple scarfs rico
red scaf rico 

proably one of the last post of 2010 and lots of craft finshes

December 28th Tuesday: Well I had Christmas day off , i spent Christmas eve night at my niece i got kicked out of her bedroom at 2am due to a cough so i slept on the sofa. we had lovely day. i got lots of stitching stuff smellies and clothes and money and books. so very pleased.

well i have not done much stitching due to work and other reason. however i been knitting like crazy and done about 4 to 6 Rico can can  yarn below is a few pictures.

a close up of the knitting

Monday, 22 November 2010

november craft updates

November 19th: OK i know its nearly the end of November but i been very very busy with crafting , knitting , cross stitching and baking of sorts.
1st i made my own luxury  brandy mincemeat  for myself and also a Charity Christmas fair. I by chance staring making my own mincemeat 4 years ago its so chap and economical to make works out about 40 pence for large jar it last for up to year and half. i cant stand shop brought mince meat now.
my next project is to make chunty and jams.
2nd : I have attempted to make two cards all by myself could not put them on blog before as someone might have seen her birthday gift quite pleased but plenty room for improvement

3rd : I been knitting some more scarfs a pink one for my niece Katie and another pink one for Xmas fair as above, now doing them for Xmas present.

these are pink but looks red in photograph

4th: i been cross stitching like mad for two November birthday just finishing off my dinosaur glow in dark picture later
Myself and my niece katie spent some quailty time together ( the stuff you cant just buy) we made a choclate cake and went to park early on sat morning then went out for dinner. there some nice pictures below

Saturday, 23 October 2010

busy beee october craft finshes

Sunday 23rd October:   Well I am now back at work up to my full hours and shifts so spare time is getting less. However I have been very busy crafting 1st my purple scarf using Rico can can wool it took some getting use but my mum loves the scarf  my niece wants one in pink two friends want a purple one doing a grey/brown one for a friend. so that's my knitting taken care of for while.
Rico scarf in purple

The next item is for friends birthday in November, I finished this way back in begin of November, I used handyed thread and fabric and brought the beads without the thread its perfect match. I loved doing this design especially loved the beading. my friend loves shopping but is deputy headteacher so just ideal for her. My mum is going to frame it with an ace frame brought from pound land

Next is my nightmare finish but very effective its for friends boy who be 3 end of November i used dmc fluorescent threads all i can say is than the world for thread heaven !!!!!!!!!!! The white spots are dmc glow in the dark threads. I doing glow in the dark dinosaur to go with it so will frame when finished.

My last project was done the end of September beginning of October it was for assistant pastor wife as A thank you gift I used dmc scented threads. Ceri was over the moon with the bookmark as she finds hard to get stuff with her name on.

On my day off next week i am go to try and make some cards so watch this space. 

Thursday, 30 September 2010

hi long time no post busy crafting for xmas

Saturday30th September   
                                                    Hello I am back at work now so hence my lack of post. I been crafting i done a few more bookmarks not taken a photograph. I knitted Rico pompom scarf . I done a little card marking too. I am also doing a small design for my sister friends birthday from naughty but nice book by Clare crompton highly recommend. i was doing baby sweater but went off it big style, my next project is  scarf using this yarn 
http://www.blacksheepwools.co.uk/acatalog/Rico_Can_Can.html  for my mums birthday in purple.
i am in process of clearing out my craft room and draws its amazing what you find. i not touch my cross stitch under the  bed drawers yet .
I post pictures when done

Monday, 30 August 2010

my niece Katie is famous and some small finshes

Monday 30th August 2010:
well my niece Katie is  in this months crazy as the crazy kid she looks quite cute( however i am not forgiven yet!!!) She had lovely prize of cool princess kit which she loves.Katie is very popular girl this month as one of my good cross stitch friends JILLY flower sent her parcel with pincushion and needle case and some Kate kloths ( which she has well and truly hid from me so i cant use them.) When I can the heart and needle book off her i take a photograph.
now to my news i done a few bookmarks using DMC scented threads they been very well received ,i have not been up to stitching anything big at the moment. However i do need to get my Lizzie Kate going. this one is called were not gossiping were networking. I did a cream scarf as well too.
I am currently knitting my 1st pattern a jumper for a lady at the cross stitch club she expecting in October ( I doing 6 months size to give me plenty of time to get done and made up)

  cross stitch bookmarks reading

Thursday, 12 August 2010

spiders snakes and news

Thursday 12th august:Well sorry about extreme lack of post but i been busy returning to work on phased returned. In my spare time i seem to be lots of cross stitching of bookmarks and some knitting. Well last Saturday i faced my phobia and achieved one of my life ambition's all within in the same day my phobia is snakes i did get time to think about this one. My life time ambition is to hold and handle a tarantula i love and adore spiders yes i know i am crazy
family fun day out counrty shows

my spider photograph 1st time i seen my dare devil niece aged 9 so unsure of anything me on other had a hughe smile from ear to ear 
family fun day out counrty shows

Sunday, 25 July 2010

a framed stitching picture and stitching update

Suday24th July: Well I am very pleased  how good this teacher gift turned out also how cheap it was to frame under £7 the frame was £1 from a charity shop. I had the mount cut to size at local art shop £5.80 and they gave me the excess mount card theres a lot. Katie's teacher loved it and also the fact it was all my own desgin. click on for larger picture

a close up one

cross stitch craft teachers gift

cross stitch craft teachers gift

well i have bit of dry spell stitching wise before the end of July i hope to finish clare gifts finish my bookmark and coaster not yet started. Then I have  lizze katie desgin t and  cant wait to star it

long update and pictures of my hoilday

Sunday24th July:  well life's been very hectic with hospital apptioments and also been doing lots of auntie duties having my niece overnight as it came to the end of term. Well it seems like years ago I went on Holiday to oban  Scotland booked for next year as I love Scotland. I put a few photographs on here but theres about 12 pages in here   http://smg.photobucket.com/home/katiepolly3/index  in best oban photograph and also lots of my niece too
please click on images for larger view

this was on night walk from an hotel i love the sunset in the background

this one is taken from above the town

scotland hoilday and nature

this is taken from 238 feet up pulpit hill and yes i did walk up not once but twice mad or what i even cross stitch up there too

just too prove i walked up there here's the sign that's how i know how high it was lol


Friday, 16 July 2010

crafty bargins and update of projects.

Friday 16th july : Well Tuesday I was out shopping and getting a mount cut for the project that was done months ago just needs framing for Friday. I found all the stuff below in various Charity shops and spent £20 so i was well pleased. click on for full photograph

craft charirty shopping

craft projects:   Cross stitching still working on gift for Clare and Charlie my friend
Knitting: I am doing my first pattern a simple cardgin pattern for friend who having girl in September.
other crafts: doing a few simple cards

hello sorry for no post life been hetic. i

Friday 16th July:  Well life's seem to been hectic since I came back from Oban Scotland I had wonderful time and the weather was amazing I did lots of walking  I walked up Pulpit hill 238 feet high it was stunning the views were specular so peaceful, I did this twice,and even did some stitching up there but got beaten by the wind. I also had vast enjoyment watching the Guillemots Seabirds who were nesting and had some baby with them . I also found a wonderful craft stitching and knitting shop and lots of crafting bargains in there charity shops. It was definitely worth the 10 hour coach journey. I booked up for next year a luxury sea-view single room. I went with this coach company http://www.highlandheritage.co.uk/index.php
and stayed at Alexandra Hotel Oban , They pick up from most areas and I would thoroughly recommenced them it outstanding quality and food is amazing and they have personal touch.

just to prove i walked up that hill. the pictures below on of view from the hill and view from hotel dinning room and bedrooms ( there small click on photograph to see full size view)


a close up of foxglove flower


view from hotel dinning room


seaview room

I put a few photographs on the blog ,however I took some really nice ones I put them in here default or Oban folder photograph there is about 10 to 14 pages pages so grab yourself a cuppa and go and have a browse. There is a few I am going to enter into local photograph cpmpetion.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

a proud aunty moment

Sunday July 4th: My niece Katie aged 9 not 10 until January. Has just completed her 1st proper attempt at cross stitching she been doing very infrequently when the mood takes her. she now quite a confident stitcher and only needs help separating the threads she can thread needles but prefers me to it. The ladybird was done on 6 count Aida and will be made into card for her teacher.

Katie must have some of aunties stitching genes/traits as she loves to do back stitch . Katie is already planning her next project i brought her some 8 count Aida and she doing rose with scented threads in back stitch.
I know you all think I will have watch my stash now, how wrong Katie has draw and stitching bag full of stash that not even allowed to use even though i brought it.
I am so proud of her for finishing the project it took lot of time and also she wanted to and was never pushed into doing if she did not want too.
hanks for looking

Sunday, 27 June 2010

A brief post and hello from oban scotland

sUnday 25th june: having a fabouls time wether just right not too hot or cold. I have some amazing photographs of wildlife flowers etc. I alsoi have som with stunning views from 238 feet up which i walked not once but twice. I even manged to a little stiching. I catch you all when i get bacvk late wedn bee online blogger sunday monay.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

flowers, stitching and on countdown to hoilday

Sunday 2oth June: My favourite flower is gerbera

Gerbera ( daisy like flower) So i was amazed in my local supermarket they had 4 in vases for £4 a bargin ,even better when i got to till they been reduced to £2:50 so i was well pleased now dead but got photographs when living

baking and homecrafts

baking and homecrafts
I am going to Oban Scotland i went last year and can not wait . i had no suitcases so brought one set from Argos on offer bright pink so should not loose them and they stand out in the crowd.
i taking some stitching with me small charts for coater and keyring to raise money for Charity .I taking my knitting and lots of books too.

See you all soon i bore you too death with all my pictures on return

Saturday, 19 June 2010

busy baking day but dishwashwers paacked up

sat 19th June: Last Tuesday i could not sleep at all all my normal plans did not work reading watching TV crafting . I then decided to do some baking of muffins for my friend Clare and his partner these are chocolate hazelnut spread muffing anyone who try them so they wonderful. I also made bread and rolls with seeds they were nice too
I had the recipes was muffin magic by Susannah Blake

chocolate melt muffins

ingredients :100g toasted hazelnuts ( i use different nuts in the past)

200g of plain flour

1tsb of baking power

3tbsp of cocoa power i use green and blacks and a little goes a long away and gives it a good texture

150g caster sugar or 150 normal sugar sieve twice

1 egg beaten

200mls buttermilk I used gold top or similar (sainsbury taste the difference milk)is the best

2tbsp of normal milk

4 big tablespoon of nuttella or other chocolate and hazelnut spread( i use a lot more)

190.c/375f/ gas mark 5

makes 12 I normally multiply the above by four
method: combine the ground nuts with flour and baking powder. coca and sugar into a large bowl

in a separate bowl or jug combine the egg buttermilk and milk, then stir on the butter. pour into/onto dry ingredients and stir together until just combined then spoon small dollops of the mixture into muffin cases. using back of teaspoon ( I use normal spoon) make an slight indent into mixture and spoon in one teaspoon I use more .then top with remaining mixture until nuttela spread is cover / if desired top each one with whole hazelnuts. bake for 20 minute until risen and firm to the touch. leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes then transfer to wire rack. If they last long enough i doubt the freeze very well in foil or airtight plastic contain.

please leave comments if you like them/ i don't like chocolate sweet stuff but even i like these had nothing but positive high praise for theses muffins.

here's good blog with some recipes http://www.frugalfamily.co.uk/

following the blueberry one I made raspberry one using reduced fresh raspberries they were amazing i adored them as love the bitter sweet texture.

I used the recipes below to make old Jamaica rum muffins the caburys chocolate bar also mincemeat muffins and I adapted the recipes with sugar alternative to make chocolate and cranberry muffins and rum and raisins muffins for diabetics.
some pictures above

This afternoon we have made some Mars Bar muffins ready to pop in the freezer for packed lunches. I bought a pack of 10 silicon moulds from Asda this afternoon in all different colours so I was dying to get started with my baking.
I have a basic muffin mix that I always stick to and I add different bits and bobs to the mix depending on what sort of muffins I am making.
The basic muffin recipe is:
300g self raising flour
150g sugar
1 medium egg
175mls milk
125 mls veg oil
Preheat the oven to 190 / gas mark 5
Sieve the flour, add the sugar.
Mix the egg, milk and oil together
Add the egg mix to the flour mix and mix it together.
Get rid of most of the lumps but don’t worry if its got a few left.
Add in whatever it is you are using to flavour the muffins… I used 2 chopped mars bars today but you can use practically anything. I often use those bags of frozen fruit that you can get from the supermarket (you don’t need to defrost it before using it). If you are adding fruit I would add about 150g – 200g.
Bake for about 20 minutes and when you get them out of the oven its nice to sprinkle some brown sugar on the top of the warm muffins.

my dishwaher has well and truly died so need a new one after my hoilday

Monday, 14 June 2010

hello all long time no post

monday14th june: i been very busy stitching ( honset) as well as baking muffinns for friends choclate nuttela one and one with old jamica rum choclate in them .

I done this cute hello kitty desgin did the frame myself well off to bake hopefully pictures in my blog shortly

Saturday, 29 May 2010

d=Dolphins version four or five finshed

Saturday 29th May 2010: well to say i am glad to see the end of this project is a big understatement here is the long story behind the finshed piece.( she asked me for dolphin simple i thought)
Well for a small project this has probably been my most challenging to date and many problems and attempts along the way.No 1) it was free chart from Internet anchor thread choose by Katieno2 ) I decided to use evenwaeve Katie did not like the materialno3) switch to aida material it took three lots of unpicking before i realised it was chart so half done dolphin in the bin.Things could only get better???? I made katies mum buy a beginings kit of Internet i changed fabric to 16 count aida on roll now so wrongNo4) the chart was in colur blocks not by favourite so i misconted a few times so a bit of frogging.Then I did get on roll until it came to lettering it took 10 attempts to get astrophe right as no chart phew no more problems wrong again it took 4 attempts to get the letter o right. Must say i pleased with end results though. Going to make it to canvas wall hanging for katies bedroom door. I am taking a few days stitching break i have earned it i think and doing some knitting now. thanks for looking hope you like it Katie better had or there be big trouble.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

very late post and few finshines

Thursday may 12th 2010: Sorry about my lack of post but i been on nights for while .Then i had birthday gifts to stitch for my friends little boy. I had to restart the dolphin for Katie she did not like the colour of material. I have kitted up the elephants from x-stitch gold that will be my long term project and just for me


cross stitch

This is dolphin wip its driving me mad i NEEDED to fin sh it soon i am getting grief from niece Katie already grrr 9 years old and hormones!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also had bargain in the last couple of weeks i had been after a small kitchen table but I like slightly different and not massed produced.I was over the moon when I found this table and three chairs in my local British heart foundation shop it was only £60 and two bonus its real solid wood and matches my cupboard exactly that was an amazing fluke. I think it make great stitching table too what do you think?


fold out great for stitching and eating


Monday, 26 April 2010

my stichimg bug is om overtime this is very unsual

Monday 26Th i am now doing a small design for my niece Katie she wants a dolphin . there a lot of fractional stitches so using handyed evenweve only my 3 time attempted on evenweve


this will be my next project just for me i love eleohants from cross stich gold

wow two post in a week with more stitching.

Monday25th April:2010

well i can believe this I have done my own design using free charts from the Internet and i think its' turn out amazing going to picture and framed it too. I am so impress as i am three months in front of the deadline/ it is for Katie year four teacher who loves ladybird and ladybug.

cross stitch my own desgin

i used handyed threads and hand matreail its sparkle sort . i got some ides for framming.

heres another picture

cross stitch my own desgin

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

sorry soo long no post but been very busy!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 21st April 2010: I am so sorry its over months since I posted there are many reason /excuse why this as been. My mum and step dad have been away twice in one month so as well as working I have been at mums house cat sitting 3 Siamese cats and one big soft rabbit. Also has the weather has improved my niece Katie has insisted That I take her out to her favourite place which is five minute drive away plus she likes the food its here http://www.trentham.co.uk/gardens.html as we have season tickets for here as a fabulous playground. I have been 3 times this year. I also went to see Nanny mac fee 2 at cinema with mum and Katie it was amazing cant wait till DVD is out.
I have also been very busy with cross stitch working to very close deadlines for my friends birthday on 14th April 2010. I made her cross stitch Lizzie Kate she loves it. I also knit her one of bobble scarfs in jewel green. Katie ask me to her best friend Ella one in teal green she gave to her just before Easter holidays its turns out she was moving so moving schools and she loved it so it was fitting to give to Ella. Has it worked out as leaving present. in between all this I have been working some really funny shifts, I need a Holiday I think not got one till end of June.

this is before ironning and framing i used mainly handyed as listed but used subsite handyed if not in my stash. I realy enjoyed stitching it.
Here is it frame took the photograph on wonky angle so looks better in the flesh.

My current work in progress cross stitch: This one is my own design with help from free patterns from the Internet, I also had the material and hand-dyed threads in my stash so a very cheap project for a change. It is an end of year gift for Katie's teacher ( yes for change very organized it wont last!!!!!!) Katie's year 4 teacher is absolutely mad about ladybirds/ladybugs and collects them on anything scarfs bags clothes etc. So I thought it would be nice to give her cross stitch project with lady bird in it picture below is a work in progress picture.

At the moment I am also mad on reading just not enough hours in the day. My next two planned projects are a small dolphin for madam Katie then my biggest ever project I have attempted three elephants from cross stitch gold or collection ( cant remember which one) but i love elephants.
I stop rambling on now and thanks for reading. please leave comments too, Polly