Sunday, 4 July 2010

a proud aunty moment

Sunday July 4th: My niece Katie aged 9 not 10 until January. Has just completed her 1st proper attempt at cross stitching she been doing very infrequently when the mood takes her. she now quite a confident stitcher and only needs help separating the threads she can thread needles but prefers me to it. The ladybird was done on 6 count Aida and will be made into card for her teacher.

Katie must have some of aunties stitching genes/traits as she loves to do back stitch . Katie is already planning her next project i brought her some 8 count Aida and she doing rose with scented threads in back stitch.
I know you all think I will have watch my stash now, how wrong Katie has draw and stitching bag full of stash that not even allowed to use even though i brought it.
I am so proud of her for finishing the project it took lot of time and also she wanted to and was never pushed into doing if she did not want too.
hanks for looking


  1. Well done Katie!!! You have a very good teacher!
    Hayley x

  2. Katie that looks lovely, I bet your teacher will love it as a card!

  3. Well done Katie, a lovely ladybird

  4. Big well done to Katie, she's done a lovely job there. :0)