Sunday, 25 July 2010

a framed stitching picture and stitching update

Suday24th July: Well I am very pleased  how good this teacher gift turned out also how cheap it was to frame under £7 the frame was £1 from a charity shop. I had the mount cut to size at local art shop £5.80 and they gave me the excess mount card theres a lot. Katie's teacher loved it and also the fact it was all my own desgin. click on for larger picture

a close up one

cross stitch craft teachers gift

cross stitch craft teachers gift

well i have bit of dry spell stitching wise before the end of July i hope to finish clare gifts finish my bookmark and coaster not yet started. Then I have  lizze katie desgin t and  cant wait to star it

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  1. Great baragain & a lovely gift - not surprised the teacher loved it. :0)