Saturday, 29 May 2010

d=Dolphins version four or five finshed

Saturday 29th May 2010: well to say i am glad to see the end of this project is a big understatement here is the long story behind the finshed piece.( she asked me for dolphin simple i thought)
Well for a small project this has probably been my most challenging to date and many problems and attempts along the way.No 1) it was free chart from Internet anchor thread choose by Katieno2 ) I decided to use evenwaeve Katie did not like the materialno3) switch to aida material it took three lots of unpicking before i realised it was chart so half done dolphin in the bin.Things could only get better???? I made katies mum buy a beginings kit of Internet i changed fabric to 16 count aida on roll now so wrongNo4) the chart was in colur blocks not by favourite so i misconted a few times so a bit of frogging.Then I did get on roll until it came to lettering it took 10 attempts to get astrophe right as no chart phew no more problems wrong again it took 4 attempts to get the letter o right. Must say i pleased with end results though. Going to make it to canvas wall hanging for katies bedroom door. I am taking a few days stitching break i have earned it i think and doing some knitting now. thanks for looking hope you like it Katie better had or there be big trouble.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

very late post and few finshines

Thursday may 12th 2010: Sorry about my lack of post but i been on nights for while .Then i had birthday gifts to stitch for my friends little boy. I had to restart the dolphin for Katie she did not like the colour of material. I have kitted up the elephants from x-stitch gold that will be my long term project and just for me


cross stitch

This is dolphin wip its driving me mad i NEEDED to fin sh it soon i am getting grief from niece Katie already grrr 9 years old and hormones!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also had bargain in the last couple of weeks i had been after a small kitchen table but I like slightly different and not massed produced.I was over the moon when I found this table and three chairs in my local British heart foundation shop it was only £60 and two bonus its real solid wood and matches my cupboard exactly that was an amazing fluke. I think it make great stitching table too what do you think?


fold out great for stitching and eating