Wednesday, 12 May 2010

very late post and few finshines

Thursday may 12th 2010: Sorry about my lack of post but i been on nights for while .Then i had birthday gifts to stitch for my friends little boy. I had to restart the dolphin for Katie she did not like the colour of material. I have kitted up the elephants from x-stitch gold that will be my long term project and just for me


cross stitch

This is dolphin wip its driving me mad i NEEDED to fin sh it soon i am getting grief from niece Katie already grrr 9 years old and hormones!!!!!!!!!!!!


I also had bargain in the last couple of weeks i had been after a small kitchen table but I like slightly different and not massed produced.I was over the moon when I found this table and three chairs in my local British heart foundation shop it was only £60 and two bonus its real solid wood and matches my cupboard exactly that was an amazing fluke. I think it make great stitching table too what do you think?


fold out great for stitching and eating



  1. Nice stitching Polly and lovely table. What a great find. Enjoy.

  2. Great table and such cute gifts

  3. Very cute finishes & a great bargain too. :0)