Friday, 19 February 2010

a pink scarf one day I Will knit something else!!!!!!!!

February 19th 2010;in the space of two weeks a knit cream scarf for my friend birthday. my niece Katie was desperate to have pink scarf I beat my own record made in 4 days i think i was knitting in my sleep but Katie loves it

hopefully now back to cross stitch


this is close up picture of the pink scarf using Rico pompom wool

the other pictures is hung from room control for heating.


Yesterday 18Th Feb was my 42nd birthday Katie took me to knowsley safari park love it saw sea lion show had lovely day i do pictures later because Katie shared her bug with me so feel under the weather at moment ,

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wow my amazing Niece Katie

February 17th 2010: Well yesterday I was brought close to tears happy ones though. My Niece Katie just nine has been baking with me since the age of two so is quite good and needs little help now. Well yesterday she presented me with an early birthday present.

birthday and baking

I had to laugh as the conversation went auntie Polly its not handmade proper cake . I thought she meant shop brought one so i was telling her it was thought that counted and I loved it anyway. As the conversation went on its transpired she meant she cheated and used a cake mix from packet and does class this as homemade lol. This is because since the age of three and especially this year she makes cakes from scratch.