Saturday, 23 January 2010

wow a busy few weeks craft wise knitting and stiching

Saturday 24th Jan 2010: This will probably be the last update of this month , I have been quite busy I have manage to finish a scarf for myself I just love the colours.

My mum wants yet another scarf knitting for Katie's childminder Yvonne so that's on my needles at the moment.

knitting fancy yarn

Well stitching wise i just started my Marget sherry cooking cats it reminds of when Katie was little the amount of eggs that went on the floor instead of bowl was amazing. Now shes a master at egg cracking and baking with very little help at the age of nine years old.

cross stitch and desgin

this is what I done so far not much but only started yesterday

yes there is some stiches there

Katie had lovely ninth birthday she loved all present but especially the books and magic set and the laughing dog picture below with Nannie my mum who just overcome treatment for breast cancer and has her firstly 3 monthly check and all his good so far.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

ok nights playing tricks on me wrong date last post

its defo Tuesday 12th Jan: I don't know what planet my body on two weeks off nights one week of days another week off nights. That's why i got Day wrong. Hope I am forgiven
Well I been out twice in two days yesterday Monday as its my niece Katie 9th birthday on 21st of this month so got her some presents many with 70% off so very pleased.
Today i been to see a friend to get her sick note to take into work been to library to get some crafting knitting and stitching books and some fiction books, today i been knitting my scarf looking good but very slow growing .
I need to get my next stitching x-stitch project kit up i did this the other day but got incorrect anchor to dmc chart. I found good one from the yarn tree so that's my job for tomorrow

Saturday, 9 January 2010

fed up of snow but the upside is more time to craft

12Th January: Well i am so fed up of been cold and stuck in , I only been out for work as nurse cant not turn in had one or two scary moments in car thankfully no accidents.

My other crafting passion is cross stitch I have finished this design from Lizzie Kate adapted by myself with colours. When I get paid i am going to get professional framed. I now attempting to start Marget sherry cats from cross stitch magazine. However not having much luck as got hold of old conversion chart , i now found modern anchor to dmc so will be kitting up tomorrow.
just me

well back to my number two passion to date my knitting ,I am doing a lovely posh scarf in turquoise black and sliver glitter strands and yes i been selfish again its just for me that's two items wow. hope you like it its more light turquoise and shinny in real life


Sunday, 3 January 2010

christmas knitting finshing

8th January2010:

Most of these scarf's were for gifts for me to give . Mum ordered i make two for her family gifts. I love the jewel colour one therefore it was hard parting with it. I am now working on sliver glittery scarf for me makes a changed. However at moment more into cross stitching at moment.


January 3rd 2010: A very quick introduction some may know me from boards past blogs etc. I am Polly aged 41 42 in February i work as staff nurse in small community hospital I am also dyslexic mild so please forgive the spelling and grammar.

I been cross stitching for 15 years on and off probably longer. I love Lizzie Kate, Quaker Design my big toe design I am addicted to hand dyed fabric and thread. During the last year through my illness wasn't able to stitch . I hated doing nothing so I learnt to knit through the help of you tube my mum and a lady in craft shop. I made several scarfs using Rico pompom wool. pictures below hope you like them. I stared a turquoise scarf with glitter in it. I am doing a Lizzie Kate housework design with hand dyed threads etc. my other Passion is cooking and especially baking

well one years past by its had many up and downs mum surviving breast cancer . Myself coming out of mega severe depression and problems with my niece aged 8 Katie who is my little ray of sunshine. However life wonderful now its amazing how we get through tough times thank goodness i have my faith as Christan its helps a lot. Throughout this year I aim to blog at least weekly.