Sunday, 3 January 2010


January 3rd 2010: A very quick introduction some may know me from boards past blogs etc. I am Polly aged 41 42 in February i work as staff nurse in small community hospital I am also dyslexic mild so please forgive the spelling and grammar.

I been cross stitching for 15 years on and off probably longer. I love Lizzie Kate, Quaker Design my big toe design I am addicted to hand dyed fabric and thread. During the last year through my illness wasn't able to stitch . I hated doing nothing so I learnt to knit through the help of you tube my mum and a lady in craft shop. I made several scarfs using Rico pompom wool. pictures below hope you like them. I stared a turquoise scarf with glitter in it. I am doing a Lizzie Kate housework design with hand dyed threads etc. my other Passion is cooking and especially baking

well one years past by its had many up and downs mum surviving breast cancer . Myself coming out of mega severe depression and problems with my niece aged 8 Katie who is my little ray of sunshine. However life wonderful now its amazing how we get through tough times thank goodness i have my faith as Christan its helps a lot. Throughout this year I aim to blog at least weekly.

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  1. I am sad to hear that you have been through such a hard time. I hope your stitching helps you to relax.