Tuesday, 12 January 2010

ok nights playing tricks on me wrong date last post

its defo Tuesday 12th Jan: I don't know what planet my body on two weeks off nights one week of days another week off nights. That's why i got Day wrong. Hope I am forgiven
Well I been out twice in two days yesterday Monday as its my niece Katie 9th birthday on 21st of this month so got her some presents many with 70% off so very pleased.
Today i been to see a friend to get her sick note to take into work been to library to get some crafting knitting and stitching books and some fiction books, today i been knitting my scarf looking good but very slow growing .
I need to get my next stitching x-stitch project kit up i did this the other day but got incorrect anchor to dmc chart. I found good one from the yarn tree so that's my job for tomorrow


  1. You are OK Polly - I hadn't even noticed the wrong date! LOL Hope your friend feels better soon. Sounds like you got a few good bargains there. Look forward to seeing what the new project is. :0)

  2. Hope Katie has a nice birthday, its always nice to find a bargain.

    Wondering what your new project will be?