Saturday, 23 January 2010

wow a busy few weeks craft wise knitting and stiching

Saturday 24th Jan 2010: This will probably be the last update of this month , I have been quite busy I have manage to finish a scarf for myself I just love the colours.

My mum wants yet another scarf knitting for Katie's childminder Yvonne so that's on my needles at the moment.

knitting fancy yarn

Well stitching wise i just started my Marget sherry cooking cats it reminds of when Katie was little the amount of eggs that went on the floor instead of bowl was amazing. Now shes a master at egg cracking and baking with very little help at the age of nine years old.

cross stitch and desgin

this is what I done so far not much but only started yesterday

yes there is some stiches there

Katie had lovely ninth birthday she loved all present but especially the books and magic set and the laughing dog picture below with Nannie my mum who just overcome treatment for breast cancer and has her firstly 3 monthly check and all his good so far.


  1. Great knitting Polly.
    Those Margarte Sherry cats are so cute. Are you planning on making yours into an apron like in the picture?

  2. What a gorgeous scarf! Those blues/purples are right up my alley!

  3. Lovely scarves, the red one is really fab.
    Nice start on the kitty

  4. The scarf is great Polly, I love the color. nice start on the Margaret Sherry.