Monday, 30 August 2010

my niece Katie is famous and some small finshes

Monday 30th August 2010:
well my niece Katie is  in this months crazy as the crazy kid she looks quite cute( however i am not forgiven yet!!!) She had lovely prize of cool princess kit which she loves.Katie is very popular girl this month as one of my good cross stitch friends JILLY flower sent her parcel with pincushion and needle case and some Kate kloths ( which she has well and truly hid from me so i cant use them.) When I can the heart and needle book off her i take a photograph.
now to my news i done a few bookmarks using DMC scented threads they been very well received ,i have not been up to stitching anything big at the moment. However i do need to get my Lizzie Kate going. this one is called were not gossiping were networking. I did a cream scarf as well too.
I am currently knitting my 1st pattern a jumper for a lady at the cross stitch club she expecting in October ( I doing 6 months size to give me plenty of time to get done and made up)

  cross stitch bookmarks reading

Thursday, 12 August 2010

spiders snakes and news

Thursday 12th august:Well sorry about extreme lack of post but i been busy returning to work on phased returned. In my spare time i seem to be lots of cross stitching of bookmarks and some knitting. Well last Saturday i faced my phobia and achieved one of my life ambition's all within in the same day my phobia is snakes i did get time to think about this one. My life time ambition is to hold and handle a tarantula i love and adore spiders yes i know i am crazy
family fun day out counrty shows

my spider photograph 1st time i seen my dare devil niece aged 9 so unsure of anything me on other had a hughe smile from ear to ear 
family fun day out counrty shows