Sunday, 25 July 2010

a framed stitching picture and stitching update

Suday24th July: Well I am very pleased  how good this teacher gift turned out also how cheap it was to frame under £7 the frame was £1 from a charity shop. I had the mount cut to size at local art shop £5.80 and they gave me the excess mount card theres a lot. Katie's teacher loved it and also the fact it was all my own desgin. click on for larger picture

a close up one

cross stitch craft teachers gift

cross stitch craft teachers gift

well i have bit of dry spell stitching wise before the end of July i hope to finish clare gifts finish my bookmark and coaster not yet started. Then I have  lizze katie desgin t and  cant wait to star it

long update and pictures of my hoilday

Sunday24th July:  well life's been very hectic with hospital apptioments and also been doing lots of auntie duties having my niece overnight as it came to the end of term. Well it seems like years ago I went on Holiday to oban  Scotland booked for next year as I love Scotland. I put a few photographs on here but theres about 12 pages in here  in best oban photograph and also lots of my niece too
please click on images for larger view

this was on night walk from an hotel i love the sunset in the background

this one is taken from above the town

scotland hoilday and nature

this is taken from 238 feet up pulpit hill and yes i did walk up not once but twice mad or what i even cross stitch up there too

just too prove i walked up there here's the sign that's how i know how high it was lol


Friday, 16 July 2010

crafty bargins and update of projects.

Friday 16th july : Well Tuesday I was out shopping and getting a mount cut for the project that was done months ago just needs framing for Friday. I found all the stuff below in various Charity shops and spent £20 so i was well pleased. click on for full photograph

craft charirty shopping

craft projects:   Cross stitching still working on gift for Clare and Charlie my friend
Knitting: I am doing my first pattern a simple cardgin pattern for friend who having girl in September.
other crafts: doing a few simple cards

hello sorry for no post life been hetic. i

Friday 16th July:  Well life's seem to been hectic since I came back from Oban Scotland I had wonderful time and the weather was amazing I did lots of walking  I walked up Pulpit hill 238 feet high it was stunning the views were specular so peaceful, I did this twice,and even did some stitching up there but got beaten by the wind. I also had vast enjoyment watching the Guillemots Seabirds who were nesting and had some baby with them . I also found a wonderful craft stitching and knitting shop and lots of crafting bargains in there charity shops. It was definitely worth the 10 hour coach journey. I booked up for next year a luxury sea-view single room. I went with this coach company
and stayed at Alexandra Hotel Oban , They pick up from most areas and I would thoroughly recommenced them it outstanding quality and food is amazing and they have personal touch.

just to prove i walked up that hill. the pictures below on of view from the hill and view from hotel dinning room and bedrooms ( there small click on photograph to see full size view)


a close up of foxglove flower


view from hotel dinning room


seaview room

I put a few photographs on the blog ,however I took some really nice ones I put them in here default or Oban folder photograph there is about 10 to 14 pages pages so grab yourself a cuppa and go and have a browse. There is a few I am going to enter into local photograph cpmpetion.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

a proud aunty moment

Sunday July 4th: My niece Katie aged 9 not 10 until January. Has just completed her 1st proper attempt at cross stitching she been doing very infrequently when the mood takes her. she now quite a confident stitcher and only needs help separating the threads she can thread needles but prefers me to it. The ladybird was done on 6 count Aida and will be made into card for her teacher.

Katie must have some of aunties stitching genes/traits as she loves to do back stitch . Katie is already planning her next project i brought her some 8 count Aida and she doing rose with scented threads in back stitch.
I know you all think I will have watch my stash now, how wrong Katie has draw and stitching bag full of stash that not even allowed to use even though i brought it.
I am so proud of her for finishing the project it took lot of time and also she wanted to and was never pushed into doing if she did not want too.
hanks for looking