Saturday, 2 July 2011

A very neglect blog a long post and lots of craft finshes

Saturday 2nd July 2011: Well I am ashamed to admit its over two months since I last posted on the blog no excuses really but life and work got in the way. I have been very busy  on the knitting and stitching front.
Number one the scarf from the last post is now finished using Patton's batik wool

My next finishes knitting: I found this wool
it was very difficult to start with but after watching this video    I did get the hang of knitting with this wool and love the effect of an open weave the pictures do not due the scarf justice. I knitted 3 now one green as gift for young lady in mid 20 for my mum in her 60s and my niece Katie aged 10.
The green/blue one scarf below

            below a close up of scarf
THE Purple scarf the colours do not show up well here

A Close up of purple scarf

Cross Stitch WIP:  Lastly For the last few months I have been working on my own design in cross stitch its simple called the langues of friendship its for my mums friends as they been friend for over 40 years. I just got one or two words  to finishes then I am going to add some silote butterflies in hand-dyed thread in purple/pinks.

And Finally:  This month I am taking Holiday in Edinburgh and Oban in Scotland really looking forward to it and been by the sea. I Have lots of stuff to do beforehand and also working right up till the last minute. Therefore I am not sure if I get time to blog before going away