Tuesday, 28 December 2010

proably one of the last post of 2010 and lots of craft finshes

December 28th Tuesday: Well I had Christmas day off , i spent Christmas eve night at my niece i got kicked out of her bedroom at 2am due to a cough so i slept on the sofa. we had lovely day. i got lots of stitching stuff smellies and clothes and money and books. so very pleased.

well i have not done much stitching due to work and other reason. however i been knitting like crazy and done about 4 to 6 Rico can can  yarn below is a few pictures.

a close up of the knitting


  1. Great scarves. I tried the cancan yarn myself after seeing one of your earlier posts and now I'm hooked!

  2. These scarves are just FABULOUS


  3. Love those scarves, where did you get the pattern from as I would love to knit one.

    Chris x