Tuesday, 28 December 2010

my cross stitch finshes of 2010/knitting finshes

there not as many as like but not bad considering for 6 months i was limted to cross stitch due to ill health

cross stitich : to finsh lizze kate housewok pattern finshed

my lizze kate christmas freebie  staring march 6th for friends birthday in april  done april 13th
a teacher gifts desging myself with ladybirds starting april 10th 2010 finshed  april 23 needs framming done

dolpin for katie on aida done needs framing june 10still needs framing
two gifts for two small boys done june 1st 

a gift for my male cpn as a thankyou( not started or finshed yet)
girl in blue long term project no start date yet
additional projectshello kitty for friend finshed june 11th
a 65th birthday present for dads girlfriend in august( done

additional projects finshed
born to shop small desgin ( birthday gift) finshed october 2010
dinsouar x2 small desgin birthday gift for boy aged 3 in november one finshed october 20th
free friendship sampler finshed august 2010 ( needs framing)

here a list of my knitting finshes not bad as only been knitting for two years

cream scarf x2 donea tercota scarf done
a sliver turquise scaf done
a pink scarf for kate started 
done feburary
a jewel colur scarf for katies friend started march 1st done april
baby blanket ufo
and to knit a basic pattern started not finshed
Additional knitting projects
rico can can scarf purple finshed october 201
rico another purple scarf
rico can can scarf green x2
rico can scarf pink for katie done
two puple scarfs rico
red scaf rico 

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