Sunday, 20 June 2010

flowers, stitching and on countdown to hoilday

Sunday 2oth June: My favourite flower is gerbera

Gerbera ( daisy like flower) So i was amazed in my local supermarket they had 4 in vases for £4 a bargin ,even better when i got to till they been reduced to £2:50 so i was well pleased now dead but got photographs when living

baking and homecrafts

baking and homecrafts
I am going to Oban Scotland i went last year and can not wait . i had no suitcases so brought one set from Argos on offer bright pink so should not loose them and they stand out in the crowd.
i taking some stitching with me small charts for coater and keyring to raise money for Charity .I taking my knitting and lots of books too.

See you all soon i bore you too death with all my pictures on return


  1. Hope you have a greta time Paula! Sounds like you need a break. x

  2. Beautiful flowers & a great bargain. Hope you're having a great time Polly. :0)