Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter some craft finshes and work in progresss

Thursday 21st April   OK it is over two weeks since last post but i been busy getting ready for my sister 40th birthday yesterday April 20th. i stitched a small merekat design and turned into a mouse mat . The sister normals mocks the hobby but she love the gift so one up for cross stitch

next is my knitting a work in progress a scarf for me i am using patons batkik wool its a simple pattern but took some getting use to but i love colurs

it has grown loads since this picture i do another work in progress soon


  1. Lovely scarf Polly, and your Meerkat is sweet

  2. Your meerkat made me smile and what a great idea to finish it as a mouse mat, I must try and copy that.


  3. Cute meerkat & the scarf colours are gorgeous. :0)