Saturday, 20 March 2010

some finshes and cross stitch work in progress

Saturday 20th march: I am so pleased I am back enjoying cross stitching my bugs coming back slowly. This is all thanks to Lizzie kate pattern I doing for friends birthday in April. I adore Lizzie Kate designs well most of them anyway.
cross stitch
Well I finished one scarf for friends birthday in April early or what. that's only because Katie didnt want it for Friend. I am doing another scarf for Katie's friend in teal blue
here's the pictures
the one for my friends birthday
this one is for Katie's friends


  1. Lovely start on the L*K Polly, its nice when you return to stitching after a break, its like you have never been away.

    Love the scarves, they look so snuggly and warm.

  2. Great start on the LK. I've knitted a scarf in that teal/purple/gold combo too, it's gorgeous

  3. Very pretty Polly. I love the colors in the scarves. Great progress on your L*K

  4. Great start on the L*K piece & those are lovely scarves. :0)